Indie Games to Play When You’re Bored

Here is a handful of indie games I’ve enjoyed playing and I hope they’ll spark your interest! These are definitely games you’d want to play when you’re bored and really crave a fresh original game to play.

Most of these games are found here on Steam

We Know the Devil – PC


Three kids forced to attend to a Christain camp for bad kids. They find who they truly are during a team exercise that takes place in a badly built house in the woods.

Key Definition: coming out, as the anti christ

Night In the Woods – PS4 – XBoxOne – PC


If you enjoy comedy, mystery, nostalgia, and depression all in one boiling pot, you’d really love Night In the Woods. Not only the dialogue and characters are detailed so nicely, but so are the color palettes and art.

I was on the bandwagon waiting for this game for about three years. And it truly paid off. I have never felt so satisfied with a short length game in so long. It really proved that 2017 gaming is something to look forward to.

Key Definition: depressed furries?

Nelson Tether’s Puzzle Agent – PC

maxresdefault (1)

A silly yet complex mystery you solve as you play Detective Tether in Puzzle Agent. If you’re in for a strange puzzle game, then that’ll ease your cravings.

TellTale has made The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead, Borderlands, and more. But ever thought about their first game they published? Here it is! Puzzle Agent was one of their first games, and it’s still one of my favorite games they’ve made.

Key Definition: fargo and twin peaks’ child

Oxenfree – PS4 – XboxOne – PC


If you want to jump into 80’s supernatural, then this game is for you. With creepy VHS radio recordings and very detailed characters, this game takes tremendous twists that’ll keep you on edge for more.

Key Definition: im jesus and no one can stop me

Firewatch – PS4


You play as a guy who just needs to relax after a traumatic experience and signs up to be a firewatcher. This game’s also in the mystery genre, but this mystery takes you on relaxing areas in the forest. As you play, you and another ranger talk through a radio; she guides you throughout the journey until the end.

Key Definition: depression ft. hiking

Blues and Bullets – PC


You play as a guy who also wants to relax. But can’t get that luxury. This is an adventure-action game if you’re in that kind of mood.

Key Definition: cults, juice, white supremacy.

Gone Home – PC


Don’t judge this game by its cover. It may look and feel as though if it is a horror game, but it is one of the most relaxing games I’ve played. It is very focused on the game as you play a sister coming home to her family, who is out. You explore the house finding out what your sister has done throughout the time you were gone.


Key Definition: not hetero mystery

King’s Quest (Reboot) – PS4 – XboxOne -PC


If you’re craving a pure, light-hearted, cheesy story, King’s Quest will satisfy your need. The Odd Gentlemen did a fine job retaining the vibes of the 80s classic click and point puzzle game. This is the backstory of King Graham and you play the story he tells to his granddaughter.

This game is so pure. There is nothing wrong. There is no mistake.

Key Definition: pure

Broken Age – PS4 – XboxOne – PC


Don’t underestimate the game’s dark humor by the art style. This is a two story puzzle game, where you switch between two characters that have their own personal problems. If you want challenging puzzles, this game’s for you!

Key Definition: when you delve into disneys lore and you find out the stories based off of the movies are really messed up

Contradiction – PC


A rare live action point and click! You play as a detective who is solving a death in a village. Tables turn and so does the characters.

Key Definition: cults, indiana jones, stereotypical british npcs.


Her Story – PC


Hey look another live action mystery. You look up tags for videos toy solve the mystery of this one woman.

Key Definition: bad library computer vibes


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